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Calligraphy Fonts – Free and Modern Collection

By  | Updated December 19th, 2016.

Calligraphy Fonts, The most critical aspect of any web design is the selection of fonts which includes the font size and font style. The purpose for your website is not served properly if the content on your website is not readable. The success of your website not only depends on your attractive designing but also the effective use of fonts.

Widely used by many web designers, calligraphy is an ancient writing technique. Various fonts are available depending on what you need to focus on. They are good enough for banners, posters, logos, lettering, quotes, labels and much more. Out of the many, script and cursive are the most popular ones. Some of the most popular calligraphy fonts are discussed below.

Cursive Typography

Cursive Typography

There is a slight difference between script fonts and the prior in case of cursive writing. The style used by cursive fonts is un-joined sort of handwriting. The smaller letters are not attached to each other whereas the style often depicts as if written by brush lettering.

Script Font

Script Fonts

In script fonts, the fonts are very similar to that of a handwriting, and exhibits with the same fluid strokes. The variants of script fonts include the casual forms and the formal types. Casual scripts are used for purposes defining informal appeal while formal scripts are used in diplomas or invitations.

Pier Sans

Pier Sans Calligraphy Font Style

Designed by Mathieu Desjardins, Pier Sans is a sans serif font that has structured and modern typography with four styles. Be it a website logo or any text, it is ideal for any web design.

Ailerons Typeface

Ailerons Typeface Calligraphy Font Type

It was designed by Adilson Gonzales, and this font can be availed for personal use for free. The font is bold ad stylish inspired by the aircraft models of the 1940’s.

Carolyna Pro Black

Carolyna Pro Black Calligraphy Font

If you are looking for instilling a positive mood with some graceful elegance then this is the best choice. It looks whimsical, due to the long swirls and curves and very easy to perceive since it is an intelligible form of handwriting.

Peoni Pro

Peoni Pro Calligraphy Script

Any female project, especially showing pink coloring plays the perfect match for using the font Peoni Pro. Gentle and delicate nature it has more than 1200 characters and features including standard ligatures, tabular numbers, stylistic sets with 6 different Caps styles, old fashioned style numbers, swashes and contextual swashes.

Remachine Script

Remachine Script

Remachine Script Calligraphy font style script is only available for personal use, you need to purchase the commercial use licence.

Billion Stars

Billion Stars Calligraphy Font Type

Billion Stars is a tattoo calligraphy font which is available for personal use. the font is designed by Måns Grebäck.

Cretino Font

Cretino Font

The Cretino Font is designed by Raymond Larabie which is available for free download for personal and commercial use.

Art of Japanese Calligraphy Font

Art of Japanese Calligraphy Font

Art of Japanese Calligraphy font is a premium font, you need to buy the licence for personal and commercial use.

As shown above, calligraphy fonts come in many shapes and variety of designs that allow designers to blend and incorporate classic design with a modern touch. From plain and simple to elaborate and complex, calligraphic fonts can add appeal and elegance that is otherwise hard to come by.

Don’t Forget to Check Other Fonts:

All the above Calligraphy Fonts are collected from various sources, before downloading the Calligraphy Script Types kindly check the licence, not all the fonts come with free for Commercial and Personal use licence types.

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