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Cursive Fonts – Popular and Best Free Webfonts

By  | Updated December 19th, 2016.

Cursive fonts are very prevalent on the web as they are often used to depict handwriting, though not always. Also known as script fonts, they are representational of how we usually write letters, joined together in a slanted and flowing manner.

The original purpose of cursive writing was to produce a smoother and faster way to write. However, some types of cursive writing don’t contain conjoined symbols. For example, formal cursive writing makes use of conjoined styles while the more casual scriptwriting has joins and lifts.

If you look at writing in other cultures such as Arabic and Cyrillic, the letters tend to be connected at the ends, and in other situations, they appear to have undulating strokes to depict a statement.

There are many free cursive fonts on the web, but it can be quite difficult to get one that gives off a natural vibe. With this in mind, we have gone out of our way to help you find the diamond in the rough by selecting for you a handful of excellent cursive fonts. You can use them commercially as well as in personal projects.

Cursive Fonts Few Collections:

Thirsty Rough Cursive Font

Thirsty Rough Cursive Font

As its name suggests, the typeface has a certain element of roughness about it. There is even a certain element of ferociousness that is not common in such kinds of fonts. This font is a perfect blend of classic letterpress writing and beautiful appeal tinged up with some grungy touches.

Bombshell Pro Cursive Font

Bombshell Pro Cursive Font

Bombshell Pro is a graceful font, with a pink shade enhancing its feminine appeal. The key aspect of this attractive calligraphy font is long joins that not only connect letters together, but also add a delightful twist to characters.

Fabfelt Script

Fabfelt Script Cursive Font

Created by French graphic artist Fabien Despinoy, Fabfelt is a free script font with an industrial flavor. The typeface does not have much graininess so as to make it look more natural and enhance its retro feel.

Thirsty script

Thirsty Script Cursive Font

This font gets its elegant and gentle look from curvy lines, soft edges and round shapes. In bold, it looks even more beautiful. The creator skillfully blended a number of typefaces to produce a perfect blend of modernity and retro. It is available in 6 weights and supports multiple languages.


Belluccia Cursive Font

This script has a subtle Italian charm that oozes class and grace. It has ligatures, contextual alternates, swashes, old style figures as well as stylistic alternates. Bellucia comes in two forms: smooth bold and regular slick.

Suzee FY

Suzee FY Cursive Font

Evgeny Tkhorzhevsky & Fontyou team are the creators of this Cursive Font type. The font comes in One Weight and its inspired by marker felt hand letterings. The Suzee FY font is suitable for the Menuboards, Packaging, Posters and Retro Design Ideas.

Blessed Day Font

Blessed Day Font

The Blessed Day font is in calligraphic style and looks romantic, this handwritten typeface is been created by Billy Argel. the font is available only for the personal use, if you require to use this typeface for any commercial use you need to contact the creator.


Mochary Cursive Font

Creator Måns Grebäck has released this calligraphic and cursive font type for personal use only. for commercial use you need to buy the licence. Mochary the vintage font type can be used for Tattoos, Brochures, Greeting cards etc.

Quincho Script

Quincho Script Cursive Font

Quincho Script font looks cursive and calligraphic in style, this Logo Type font is created by Måns Grebäck. The font is clean and looks bold in characteristics.

Sant’Elia Script

Sant’Elia Script Cursive Font

Sant’Elia Script font type comes with rough and regular versions and this font comes in 6 weights. Sant’Elia Script consists of 44 fonts.

The above lists consists of 10 Cursive fonts which is free and premium. before using any of the above Cursive font type kindly check the licence. as most of the above fonts require licencing for commercial uses.

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