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Tattoo Fonts – Improve Your Design with Classy Letterings

By  | Updated December 19th, 2016.

What are tattoo fonts? How do they differ from the other font styles like Serif, Sans Serif, Script, and Decorative? How do they help in creating visually stunning websites? Below are the things expert web designers and web developers want you to know.

What are Tattoo Fonts?

Fonts make up a great web design; but when it comes to looking fancy, classy, edgy, and vintage, you can particularly rely on tattoo fonts as these are the very characters of these scripts. Yes, they are not the usual or common letterings that people see because they work for specific purpose or niche. They may not be ideal for every occasion or user, but tattoo fonts can help build the image or deliver the message that you want to express to site guests.

Why Use – or Invest – in Tattoo Fonts?

Web designers and web developers know the importance of fonts in their profession. They are well-aware of the huge impact typefaces create in every website – in terms of user experience, readability, and the mood or feel that they want to convey to visitors. But more than these three, font selection is very important to communicate the purpose of the website and its content.

Most – if not all – fonts available over the Internet are for personal use only. If you will use them to create website for your business, purchase is then necessary. They are pricey that you may choose to dig deeper into the web to look for free fonts – but this is not the right thing to do. Investment is essential, particularly if you are starting – and trying – to build your company or product image. Buying tattoo fonts online can make your site look tasteful and more important, unique.

Which Typescript Should You Buy?

Every tattoo font reflects its own personality. Each is formed for definite purpose. Web designers choose scripts to use depending on the ‘emotions’, ‘character’, and ‘moods’ that each of these scripts try to portray. They are right-brained individuals that they are artistic, emotional, and detail-oriented, and they are well-aware which letterings are ideal for every site they work on. So try to carefully check each tattoo font and analyze if it matches your site’s image.

Tattoo fonts are best for projects that deal with vintage business, tattoo parlor, creative marketing agencies or those that require unique-looking designs. They are compatible with Microsoft Office (Windows), Linux and Mac, and are formatted for publishing programs and graphic design software, including Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop, and CorelDRAW.

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Below are the kinds of Tattoo Fonts that you can consider.

15 Tattoo Fonts – Web Designers’ Choice

Hundreds of tattoo fonts are available for free download. However, there are those that stand out – at least in the eyes of web designers and web developers. Below are 15 of the best tattoo fonts that you can use:

  1.  Ananda Namaste

Ananda Namaste looks the same as the others because of its Latin script, but it also appears to be different from the pack because of the line that stretches over the letters. Ananda K. Maharjan takes inspiration from Devanagari Sanskrit scripts. The third from the Ananda Neptouch edition, Ananda Namaste does not require payment for commercial use – unlike other letterings.

Ananda Namaste Free Tattoo Font

  1. Reditum

Måns Grebäck designed this dazzling script. Reditum can be used for free; but if you need it for your business, buy it for $59. Go to the website of Aring Typeface to know more about licensing agreement.

Reditum Free Tattoo Fonts

  1. Bandoleones

This font style represents both old and western era, making it the top choice for constructing bars, drinking parties, and others. Bandoleones is created by VTKS.

Bandoleones Tattoo Font

  1. Tribal Script

Tribal tattoos are a favorite; it can be read easily and appealing enough to get readers attention. This typeface is free for personal use; it requires license, which cost $39.95, if you will use it on something that will help you gain profit.

Tribal Script Tattoo Font

  1. Serval

For commercial use, you must contact the author Maelle.K|Thomas Boucherie at dafont website. The designer has some restrictions, though. It can’t be used for cinema, TV, politics, religion, and those with sex content.

Serval Tattoo Font

  1. AZ Vintage Tattoo

If you need something classic (or old looking) and legible, with no cursive letterings, AZ Vintage Tattoo is an ideal choice. This typeface originates from amateur tattoos from early 1900s. It is best used for headlines or sub-heads. AZ Vintage Tattoo is available for $20. Call Artist of Design Foundry.

AZ Vintage Tattoo Font

  1. American Brewery

Gilang Purnama Jaya created the American Brewery font. He got inspiration from the writings found on the label of a vintage beer bottle; hence, the letters look masculine. American Brewery carries the clean and rough edition, which features vintage letterpress feel. You must call Decade Type Foundry if you wish to use this for commercial purposes.

American Brewery Rough Font - Tattoo Font

  1. Sepian

Sepian is inspired by Textualis, a member of the Blackletter family. It is an original handwritten character with the inclusion of barbs to the ends, giving it a contemporary and razor-sharp impression. Sepian is best for horror-themed video games, movie posters, and others. Laura Worthington, who created Sepian, moved to typeface design from graphic design. This tattoo font can be purchased for $19.

Sepian - Tattoo Font

  1. Respective

Light, playful, and gorgeous – that’s how you’ll see Respective, created by Måns Grebäck. Visit Aring Typeface website to secure commercial license.

Respective - Tattoo Font

  1. Fearless Script

Chris Park, the artistic illustrator behind Fearless Script, goes by the name Pale Horse Designs. He draws inspiration from classic signage and tattoo lettering. Fearless Script carries both lowercase and uppercase characters, as well as numerals and others. It can be used for $25.

Fearless Script - Tattoo Font

  1. Angilla Tattoo

Angilla Tattoo comes bolder or thicker than the other characters but it carries the same unique and striking look found in tattoo typefaces. It has both the upper and lower cases. A creation of Måns Grebäck, Angilla Tattoo is free if you will use it for your projects for home and school. You can’t use this to sell items like cards and to promote products – unless you get commercial license.

Angilla Tattoo - Tattoo Font

  1. Angel Tears

Angel Tears, like Angilla Tattoo, is thicker than the other tattoo fonts and presents original, well-crafted handwritten letters. A trademark of Billy Argel, Angel Tears can be used by students and individuals who will work on personal projects. For business use, contact the font designer at billyargel.blogspot.com.

ANGEL TEARS - Tattoo Font

  1. Scriptina

If you like to present your website to something elegant and classical, Scriptina is a good choice because of its calligraphic writing. Apostrophic Labs is the creator of Scriptina. This requires license to use.

Scriptina Tattoo Font

  1. Inked Script

Inked Script is another creation of illustrator Chris Park, but this comes thinner. It is also comes in complete package – letters in lowercase and uppercase, vectors, alternates, and punctuation. Like Fearless Script, it is also an OpenType font that can be purchased for $25.

Inked Script - Tattoo Font

  1. Fette Fraktur

This 19th century script represents Gothic-style calligraphy. A blackletter lettering, Fette Fraktur is the product of the artistic mind of Johann Christian Bauer, a German punchcutter. Font size must be bigger when using this because it may not come out legible. It is used by web designers who want to exhibit rustic feel to websites.

Fette Fraktur - Tattoo Font

This list only comprises 15 best tattoo fonts. The Internet is a great source of a hundred of this type of script. Just be cautious about your use. As mentioned above, most are free – but for personal use. You will need to obtain license to use it for your business.

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Hope you enjoy the above collection of Tattoo Fonts, if you like don’t forget to share.


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